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Our story so far


Post Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an amazing platform that helped us kickstart our company! We have been working non stop to get Beam ready. We have a major update in a little while so leave your e-mail at the bottom of this page to receive this update automatically or come back soon.


Kickstarter here we come!

After months of preperation we were ready to introduce Beam to the public. And what a rollercoaster ride that has been! Within 2 days we reached our funding goal of $200,000. In the end of the run we raised $759,656 and had major coverage on various websites, newspapers and TV channels.

Thank you so much Kickstarter backers, without your help we wouldn’t be able to bring Beam to life!


We joyfully announce the birth of Beam

During a brainstorm session in March of 2014 someone came up with the thought ‘what if we could make a projector that you could screw in your light socket’. The most interesting thing is what happened after this thought. Everybody started sharing ideas on where they would place Beam in their house, and almost all of them were on a different location. We were no longer limited by the traditional locations and could now freely dream up places where we would love to have a screen. Everybody made it their own personal solution, instead of one pre-defined setup. Here we decided that besides just screwing the projector into light sockets it should also be able to be placed on a flat surface. So we added a small flatness to the one side that would stabilize Beam.

After this session we started to build upon our idea. We found out that just projecting movies or photos would be okay-ish, but we wanted more. Someone wanted to use it in his bedroom as a smart projector and wake up with the weather forecast and latest news. Someone else wanted it to project multiplayer games controlled with smartphones on his dining table. And so on. That’s when we decided that we needed a small computer and Actions to make Beam react to you.

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