In order to enjoy the Gallery tab of the Beam Remote app, you need to have the latest Beam Service installed. Please follow these steps to install the latest Beam Service:

1. Download the Beamupdate.apk file by clicking here;

2. On the bottom of the page, click on ‘OK‘;

3. On Beam, go to the ‘All Apps‘ list (on the home screen) and click on the app ‘Downloads‘;

4. Click on the ‘beamupdate.apk‘ file. To install it, keep pressing the ‘next‘ button;

If Beam asks you to give permission to install apps from unknown sources, click agree.

And accept the access this application may have on your Beam.

5. Once the App is installed, open it;

6. Now click on ‘Check for updates‘;

7. If there is a new update available, press ‘Yes‘ to continue;

8. Wait for several seconds for the update to finish;

9. Installation completed!

10. If you reopen the app you should be able to connect to Beam again. If you encounter any problems, please try to restart your Beam.

11. You can now use the ‘Gallery’ tab of the Beam Remote app to stream your photos to Beam!