Beam Operating System v1.0.1 firmware:

Change Log Beam apps:
– Updated Beam Weather to latest version
– Updated Beam Actions to latest version
– Updated Beam Clock to latest version
– Updated Beam Launcher to latest version
Bug fixes and additions:
– [Beam service] Accept special characters in Beam Name
– [Beam service] Remove GPIO export on boot, which reduces flashing lights on boot
– [Beam service] hide statusbar in clock and weather
– Improved pointer speed. Currently developing Bluetooth connectivity for even better speeds.
– [Wifi Setup] Move webinterface part to or manual
– [Beam service] Remove factory reset on long press button
– [WIFI SETUP] After ‘oops something went wrong’, all kinds of things happen
– [WEBINTERFACE] Filter out double internal_ip -> use latest heartbeat
– [WIFI SETUP] Hotspot not giving IP to phones/tablets
– [WIFI SETUP] Endless loop ‘connecting’
– [BEAM REMOTE] Scroll with scrollbar
– [WIFI SETUP] Special characters issue
– [WIFI SETUP] Fix space removal
– Load mouse pointer drivers on startup
– Don’t unload mouse pointer driver
– [BEAM REMOTE/SERVICE] Implement multitasking button
– Changed functionality for [BEAM REMOTE] Enter button
– [BEAM REMOTE] Android app does not connect to Beam access point
– [Beam service] Implemented special characters
– Light and projection on at same time bug
– [Beam Actions] Incompatible ids when actions db gets updated
– [Beam Remote] Incremental timout when scanning fails to find beams
– [WIFI SETUP] Redesigned user flow
– [Beam Remote] Hangs of animation during searching for Beams (onResumeFragments() in TestingActivity)
– [Beam Remote] App is using a lot of battery. Even when in background.
– [Beam Remote] SplashActivity keeps restarting while scanning
– [Beam Remote] Always use Wifi and not 3/4G when connected to Beam AP
– [BEAM REMOTE] Takes 5 seconds after connecting to actually work
– [Beam Remote] If app disconnects, show reconnect button instead of try again
– [LAUNCHER] Wifi setup does not directly start for the very first time
– [Beam Service] Start Wifi Setup on long press of button
– [Beam Remote] Touchpad disappears when switching from light sometimes
– [Beam Weather] Weather type becomes different when switching between C and F
– [Beam Weather] App always returns can not connect (when using space in location)
– [Beam Remote] Beam loses connection after sleep
– [BEAM REMOTE] Android app goes black after startup
– [LAUNCHER] Arrows left/right executes twice
– [Beam Actions] Added Light on then
– [Beam Weather] fix parsing data error
– [Beam Weather] remove mouse logs
– [Beam Service] Remove ‘projection on’ when Beam Remote connects
– [Launcher] Show SSID in Beam Launcher
– [Beam Service] Send protocol version when remote connects
– [WIFI SETUP] Double click on Next in FullScreenActivity restarts Wifi Setup
– [WEATHER] Beam Weather icon name is ‘lib’ when changing the language of Beam
– [ACTIONS] Timed IF does not work after reboot
– [BEAM Remote] Sound is muted if you close phone screen and reopen it again.
– [BEAM REMOTE] led slider position is wrong
– [Launcher] Apps disappear after update from Play Store
– [BEAM REMOTE] StackOverflow in function setSelectedBeamByIp.
– [BEAM REMOTE] Orientation change opens a new socket connection to Beam