If you want to transfer files between your computer and Beam, then you should definitely try out one of the many available File Transfer Protocols (FTP) apps. You can download files from Beam rapidly, but you can also upload files from your computer to Beam with high speed.

It might be a bit difficult to understand for someone who has not used a FTP server before, so we will provide you with a helpful walk-through. This is not only meant for beginners, but also for experienced users who seem to have trouble making FTP work.

Let’s get this started!

1. Download the FTP-client on your computer.

First, you will need to download an FTP-client on your computer. For this walk-through we have used a program called ‘FileZilla’. It’s free, open source, and it’s a pretty great program which is easy to understand. Click here to go to the download site for FileZilla. Download the file for the operation system your computer is using, such as Windows.

  • Go to the folder where you have downloaded the setup for FileZilla. You can only install this file if you have administrator privileges. Right click on the FileZilla setup-file and select ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Follow the setup instructions and finish installing FileZilla.

Nice, you’re almost there! Now we need to install and setup the FTP-Server on Beam.

2. Download a FTP server application on Beam.

Install an FTP-server application on Beam. For this walk-through we will use the application called ‘My FTP Server’, but there are plenty of other similar applications available to download in the Google Play Store. (NOTE: this application has been removed recently from the Google Play Store. However, you can use almost the exact same instructions described in the following paragraphs for other similar applications such as ‘Ftp Server‘.)

Go to the Google Play Store on your Beam. Search for the app called ‘My FTP Server’ and install the app.


3. Open the FTP application on Beam and set up your server.

Open the application after the install has succeeded. The following screen will appear on Beam:


Probably the first thing you will notice is that the server is offline. Before you click on ‘Start Server’, you will need to set it up and personalize it. In the top right of the screen, you will see an image with sliders. Click on it to go to the configuration screen to set up the server.


Enter the username and password you want to use for the FTP server. You can set your Port and your home directory to default settings. Be sure to remember your username, password and port number, because you will need this information to connect to the server from your computer!


Go back to the home screen of the application and start the server.


In the FTP URL you can see your own unique IP address of Beam, (in this example the IP-address is, which you will need alongside your username, password and port number to log into this server from your computer.


4. On your pc, open FileZilla and enter the relevant information to connect with the server.

Go back to your computer and open FileZilla. First, make sure that your computer and Beam are both connected to the same network!

Now you will need to enter the relevant information in the top of your screen. Enter your IP-address in Host (in this example Now fill in your username and password which you’ve created with My FTP Server. Finally, type in your Port Number (in this example 9090).

Filezilla 9

Now, press on ‘Quickconnect’. Congratulations, you are now successfully connected to your FTP-server!

5. Use FileZilla to upload files to Beam or download files from Beam to your PC.

On the right side of your screen, you will find Beam’s files. You can download these files by right clicking on a file and select ‘Download’. On the left side of your screen, you will find all the files located on your PC. You can right click on a file and select ‘Upload’ to transfer the file to Beam.

Filezilla paint

I hope this guide has been of use to you. If you experience issues while using FTP, don’t hesitate to send an email to support@beamlabsinc.com!

By the way, you can also send files to Beam using the following apps/services, just download them from the Google Play Store on your Beam and connect them to your account.

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive