If you want to show pictures and videos from your smartphone/tablet on a big screen, then Beam is the perfect tool!

All you need to do is to download a DLNA app on your smartphone/tablet, such as Bubble UPnP. In this guide we will show you how to share the pictures from your device to Beam with Bubble UPnP. You can always install and try out another DLNA-app if that suits you better!

1. On your smartphone/tablet, go to the Google Play Store and download the Bubble UPnP app.

Screenshot 1

2. Open the Bubble UPnP app. The first time you open Bubble UPnP you are asked to follow a tutorial, but you can also choose to skip this.

Screenshot 2

3. Go to the Bubble UPnP menu. Click on the Bubble UPnP logo, located in the top left of your phone/tablet screen.

Screenshot 3

4. Under renderer, select AirReceiver (Beam-v1).

Screenshot 4

Press on the Local Renderer to see a list of available devices. Choose ‘AirReceiver (Beam-v1)’ as your renderer.

Screenshot 5

5. Press on menu again to return to the home screen of Bubble UPnP.

Screenshot 6

6. Select ‘Library’, located in the bottom right of your screen.

Screenshot 7

7. Now select the type of map you want to access. You can choose between local files, such as pictures, music and videos which are stored on your device. You can also choose to access files you have saved in the cloud, by using programs like Dropbox or Google Drive which are mentioned under the ‘Cloud’ list.

Screenshot 8

8. Click on the file you want to share and it will appear on Beams screen!

There are also lots of customization options in Bubble UPnP. You can create playlists and use different effects for photos. Try it out for yourselves and have fun!