Introducing Beam Calendar

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We love to use Beam to display all kinds of information on our tables, walls and ceilings. Beam already has the ability to show the current time and the weather forecast, but now you can also view your daily schedule with Beam Calendar!

The Beam Calendar app automatically loads the calendar from your Google account and shows what you have planned for today. It scrolls down your appointments as time passes giving you a real-time overview of your day! You can select the calendars you want to see in the overview and from then on just use your calendar as you normally would and it updates automatically.

Don’t forget that you can use Beam Calendar to create an action! You can set up an action like “If it’s 7:30 AM then open Beam Calendar” to make Beam show your calendar every morning.

 Getting Beam Calendar

You can download Beam Calendar to your Beam by going to this Google Play Store link on your computer, make sure that your Beam is switched on and connected to the internet and it will download automatically.

You can also open the Play Store app on your Beam and then type in “Beam Calendar” to find it and install it directly to your Beam.

Using a different calendar?

You can find more information about automatically connecting your iCloud Calendar to your Google account here


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