Wi-Fi setup 

Continue with the second step as mentioned on the first screen –  go to the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone/tablet. Look for a network named Beam_xxxxxx (the x’s represent random numbers and letters). Connect to this network and enter the password ‘controlbeam’.

When your smartphone/tablet is successfully connected to Beam’s Wi-Fi, Beam will show a new screen with instructions:


  1. Open the “Beam Remote” app on your smartphone/tablet.
  2. Use the touchpad in the Beam Remote app to move the cursor to NEXT. 

When you open the Beam Remote app on your smartphone/tablet, it will first locate your Beam and automatically connect to it. Once the Beam Remote app is connected to your Beam, you will see a screen with a touchpad on your smartphone/tablet. Move your finger over this touchpad to navigate to ‘NEXT’ and tap on the touchpad to select it. After you have pressed ‘NEXT’, Beam will display the following screen:

A list of available networks will be displayed here. Use the touchpad of the Beam Remote app to select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect with. If your network is not there you can try moving Beam closer to your router and use the rescan button on Beam, located in the bottom left of the screen.

Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect with. Use the keyboard tab of the Beam Remote app on your smartphone/tablet to enter the password of your Wi-Fi network. Beam will now try to connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you have successfully connected Beam to your home Wi-Fi, the following, final screen appears:

Follow the next steps to successfully finish the Wi-Fi setup:

    1. Press the reconnect button in the “Beam Remote” app. Make sure to reconnect your smartphone/tablet to your home or office Wi-Fi first. In most cases this will happen automatically. Now you can press reconnect in the Beam Remote app to connect to Beam. If you have connected your smartphone/tablet to the same home Wi-Fi network Beam is connected to, and you are still not able to locate Beam, please go to our official support page: www.beamlabsinc.com/support.
    2. Press the NEXT button using the app. Use the touchpad of the Beam Remote app on your smartphone/tablet to navigate to ‘NEXT’ in the bottom right of the display screen of Beam. 

Congratulations! You have successfully finished the Wi-Fi setup.

Having trouble connecting? Please visit our official Wi-Fi troubleshooting page, where you’ll find a list of possible solutions. If the problem still exists, contact us at support@beamlabsinc.com.