Having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network? Here is a list of helpful tips and known issues.

For your understanding, we have also created a walkthrough for Beam’s introduction screen. In that guide we explain how Beam’s connection works, how the Wi-Fi setup works and how you can successfully connect Beam to your home Wi-Fi. However, if you run into Wi-Fi issues there or even after the introduction screen, then this guide will hopefully solve your problems!

Trouble connecting Beam to your Wi-Fi network.

When having trouble connecting Beam to your Wi-Fi network, please take the following information into account:

– If you use a password with special characters (such as !, @, #, () or any spaces in your password, etc) Beam might show a connection error or takes a long time to unsuccessfully connect. There seems to be a bug that causes these symbols not to be accepted on Beam for passwords. We have fixed this issue with the latest version of the Beam Remote app.
– Try using Beam closer to your router to see if your well within Wi-Fi range.
– Make sure that you connect Beam to a 2.4 GHZ network.
– If you use Beam in a lamp with a metal shader, the Wi-Fi signal gets blocked. Try to connect Beam to Wi-Fi in a different surrounding, for example on a wooden table.
– If other devices experience the same connectivity issues you should contact your internet service provider.

Trouble locating Beam with the Beam Remote app or web interface.

Try out the following options:

– You are barely within range of Wi-Fi or your Beam is also just within range and has trouble connecting.
– Your phone, tablet or laptop is not on the exact same Wi-Fi network as Beam. Connect both devices to the exact same Wi-Fi network.
– Your Beam is on a different IP range or subnet. This can happen because you use a Wi-Fi repeater or range extender, then you’ll have to try to set it up differently. Try to see if the problem is solved when you disconnect your repeater to see if that fixes it. If that works, you should disable ‘DHCP Server’ on your Wi-Fi extender (not on your router!).
This can also happen because you are on a large corporate network. In that case contact your IT department with the information in this FAQ.
– Beam connects to the web interface by using port numbers 1346 and 1347 and port numbers 13456 and 13457 for connecting the Beam Remote app to Beam. Make sure that they are not blocked by your network.
– Update the Beam Remote app to the latest version. We have created several updates for the Beam Remote app which contained fixes for connectivity issues.
– Try connecting to Beam on your laptop. On your laptop, go to www.controlmybeam.com. Does your Beam name appear in this list? Try connecting to it. If you can control Beam again, go to the app ‘Check for updates’ to download the latest firmware update for Beam. After installing this update, you should be able to locate Beam with the Beam Remote app again.
– Try to force close the Beam Remote app on your smartphone/tablet. For iOS devices, double tap the ‘home’ button. Find the Beam Remote app in this list and swipe it up to force close it. For Android devices, open the ‘settings’ app, choose ‘Apps’, touch the Running tab to view only active or running apps, Choose the Beam Remote app and touch the Stop or Force stop button.

Connecting to a network that requires an acceptance of terms of use or an username.

Sometimes, before you can successfully connect to a network, you will need to accept the terms of use on a  web page or also add your user name. In these situations, you can currently only connect Beam to the Wi-Fi network with a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard by following these steps:

  • Turn on Beam in an area where it has no known Wi-Fi network, so the Wi-Fi setup will be activated. You can also manually activate the Wi-Fi setup by holding the power button on Beam for 10 seconds.
  • Connect your smartphone/tablet to Beam’s Wi-Fi network (beam_xxxxx).
  • Open the Beam Remote app and on Beam, navigate to the option ‘skip Wi-Fi setup’.
  • On Beam, open the ‘Setting’ app.
  • Make sure to turn on the Bluetooth on Beam. Now you can locate and pair your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to Beam
  • In the settings menu, go to Wi-Fi. With the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you are now able to control Beam to enter the user name or to accept the additional terms of use.

Our upcoming firmware update will make a second option available: to control Beam with your device through Bluetooth. This will make connecting with such networks a lot easier!

Connecting Beam to a ‘hidden’ Wi-Fi network.

You can connect your Beam to your hidden Wi-Fi network, but you will need a second Wi-Fi access/hotspot. So you have your hidden and a secondary visible Wi-Fi. Start Beam and connect your phone to Beam’s Wi-Fi. In the Wi-Fi setup select the visible Wi-Fi and connect to it. Connect your phone to the visible Wi-Fi and start the Beam Remote app again. On Beam, go to Settings click on Wi-Fi and in the right top corner click on the + sign to add your hidden network.

Send an e-mail to support@beamlabsinc.com if you still experience connectivity issues!